About Us

We’d love to invite you to explore our plethora of  wildy crafted handmade, plant based body  care products. ​

Skookies is revolutionizing skin care with their very earthy and natural formulas. We don’t believe in one type fits all beauty products. So we re-imagined the experience by creating products that are specific to different skin types and spectrum. There is literally something for everyone! Be it to purify, refine , brighten or hydrate, renew and glow, there’s a skookie for you.​

we aspire to keep things simple and fresh, we put some serious TLC into our products, from production to testing to picking out the perfect ingredients that are effective and efficient and smell pretty damn good. All our products are safely tested by our pharmacists and happy volunteers, we do not test animals because duh it’s 2020​.

We aim to tackle on vast skin dilemmas from acne, irritation, chafing, fine lines and sun damage with our scrubs, soaps, salves and more . All our products are inspired by Self love and care and that’s why we have a carefully selected collection of skincookies for you to indulge and pamper yourself with​

Skookies was started by co-founders Dr.Jenna Onyema a Pharmacist and Esthetician, Lilian Onyema an Ethical farmer, Aromatherapist and Herbologist and Eve Faith a Luxury brand manager in 2019 and is since growing into a  team of body care specialists.

We source clean ingredients from all over the world. Each one is ethically tested to be the most effective and safest option available. Based on your preferences, we can make your formula vegan, gluten-free, silicone-free, dye-free or fragrance-free.​

Without further ado let’s get right into it. Your Nature’s Essence in a jar is just a click away.​


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